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Clipper not working or installing

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Clipper stopped working couple of days ago.

I disabled it and switched back on but to no effect. Then I removed it from Chrome.

Now when i try to install it, an error is shown (see image)

I tried removing and installing other extensions and they work fine.

There have been no major changes on my system in the recent past, if it helps)

I use the clipper extensively so help would be appreciated


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When reinstalling did you also try removing your browser cache, cookies, etc? For a comparison, you could also try using MS Edge Chromium - unofficially you can install Clipper there to see if it may work where Chrome currently is not.

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Got it, thanks for these details. It may be worthwhile to get in touch with Chrome to look at other troubleshooting options if all the steps in https://windowsreport.com/chrome-could-not-move-extension-directory-into-profile/ didn't help. Evernote's extension should be loaded and unloaded like any other extension so there shouldn't be anything specific to the Web Clipper causing this. We haven't heard of other reports of this so it may be specific to your configuration/environment of your computer and Chromium apps. If you use any HTTPS anywhere extensions they may also be related so disabling them temporarily can help if you haven't already tried that.

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Yes, Firefox and Safari (if you have a Mac) both don't use Chromium so they could also be good comparisons. However, Firefox currently uses Clipper 6 and not Clipper 7 (the latest version used in Chrome and Edge) but should still enable you to possibly keep Clipping if this can't be resolved on the Chromium side on your machine.

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All of a sudden I'm getting in Firefox that the Evernote Web Clipper has been disabled due to security or stability issues 😒!  This is very frustrating and I can't imagine that I'm the only one experiencing this.  I use Evernote web clipper a lot... so not being to use it will greatly effect the value of Evernote to me.  I hope we can get this problem solved.

Evernote Firefox Note.JPG

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