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32 minutes ago, May L said:

@DTLow What do you mean by stuck? Is there anything we can do to help you get unstuck? :)

I login on a Mac with the Safari browser; select the New Web version; there's a classic/beta toggle

and v5.29 is the version I get

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7 hours ago, G is X is Y said:

How do we get 6.5.0? I'm also on 5.29. I'm using Firefox and windows 10. (I am also very interested in this feature)

I'm not sure how to get the newest version of Evernote. I signed on to the beta program, which may have helped. I use Evernote on chrome running on Ubuntu and on Chrome OS. Both are on 6.5.1 at the moment.

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16 hours ago, G is X is Y said:

I requested to participate to the beta program. We'll see if I get access to the 6.5.1. Thank you.

Good luck!

I don't know how the Evernote servers decide which version of the web page to send to the browser. It's possible they only send the most recent version to a browser which identifies itself as chrome. If this is the case, at some stage they will probably also release the newest version to Firefox. I'm not sure it's worth the effort to make a version for Safari. To the best of my knowledge, Safari is just lagging too far behind the other browsers in its support for web standards.

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