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(Archived) Evernote 3.0 - I don't want my notes on the net!

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I have been using EverNote 2 since September and found it a great tool to store my notes and to keep a journal of my work.

In particular I liked that I needn't care about saving my notes and backups. With password encryption, I could protect my notebooks against unwanted access.

With version 3, my information is now uploaded to a server in another country. Sincerely, I don't want my information to leave my computer!

I want it here with me, knowing that if information gets lost, it is entirely my fault.

I can imagine that also for users in a corporate environment it is a problem to send information to the net.

If I want an online notebook, I don't need EverNote. I use Google Notebook and don't need a client on my computer.

I am aware that Version 3 has not yet all its final features. Please DON'T turn EverNote into a web application. Keep it useful for off-line only use.

Meanwhile, I will revert to Version 2.2

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Evernote 3 (both Windows and Mac clients) has the ability to create local notebooks. Notes residing in the local notebooks never get synced to the server.

So, the procedure is:

1) Create the account at Evernote (this is just for registration / initial account storage creation)

2) Create a local notebook in Evernote (you can create as many local notebooks as you like)

3) You can even toggle the offline mode on (Account > Offline Mode) to ensure Evernote is not even trying to sync with the service.

4) Use your Evernote in a fully offline mode as you would use Evernote 2.2

If you need to carry your notes across several computers, setup and use the protable installation of Evernote (Tools > Install Evernote Portable).

Evernote 3 does allow you to choose which data you want to be accessible via the cloud, and which should be private.

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I have tested Local vs. Private (online) notebooks now. This distinction does work, and I am grateful for that.

I even checked, when I resynchronized, that notes I had not wanted online got deleted when I moved them to a local folder.

It is still a little weird to me that all notebooks *must* have the same tag hierarchy, but it is certainly useful in the default case where I want two notebooks that have the same categories, but one is local and the other online.

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