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Web - Login button does not appear rotated monitor

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Hi! (EDITED, cause it would be hard to work with 45 degrees of rotation hahahha)

I want to make a suggestion do adapt the login screen to rotated monitors using Evernote Web.

I know the percent of people that uses Evernote Web like this is small. But I like to use this monitor rorated 90 degrees, which is better to me to read/edit documents. It is a seconde monitor (not main monitor).

Everytime I try to login I need to drag and drop evernote web to my main monitor (horizontal) and enter my login data. When I enter evernote web main screen/home, I can drag it and drop into my second monitor to use it.


I think a lot of people are buying monitors which can be rotated nowadays and can use second monitors in this way to read and edit documents.


So It is my suggestion to the develop team.


I love evernote and I use evernote web because when using my laptop at work I can't install standard windows evernote though.


Screenshots added.
As you can see my second monitor photo
and the second picture shows a screenshot of evernote login screen with no login button appearing on it whili on my second monitor.

thank you.





Evernote WEB - window.PNG

Edited by glaucor3
edited degrees.
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