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It just happened that the android app got stuck syncing a couple of simple notes, with just 1 image and text, not heavy at all, what can I do???


Ive tried:

closing reopenning the app

turn airplane mode on off

wifi and LTE

manual syncing from settings


still the notes have the green arrow and the syncing appears to be working but its stuck. What a shame, its a good phone fairly new, I sync it with my ipad, never had an issue on my ipad, now that I made notes on the phone this happens, a guess android is still very bad for productivity very unreliable, but I was hoping the evernote software could work there with no problems. 



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I just made another “Test” note, and it doesn't sync, the green arrow stays there forever, also changes I make on the ipad doesn't reflect on the phone,  I lost the sync functionality all together wtf! I finally decided to try premium and it sucks, Im gonna have to unistall the app from android and reinstall, and hope for the best I guess, be very careful not to make changes on the phone, its gonna be like a “read only” device, thats not why I paid for premium. 😕 

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Hi.  If you have reinstalled the app by now,  your unsynced notes are probably lost - they are/ were in 'temporary' storage on the device pending a sync.  If you haven't done that yet,  I'd advise you not to worry - sync is dependant on local signal strength and the current internet traffic in your area and on Evernote's servers.  It can be unavailable for a few hours.  Adding a new note on the phone,  and opening Evernote on a desktop computer to add a new note to the main server are ways to 'encourage' it to work.  If you do want to save your unsynced notes in future,  you could try emailing them - either within the app,  or by copying and pasting the content into an email - that's a subscriber-only option,  so its worth being Premium if only for that feature!

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Also (if you haven't uninstalled) sometimes powering off and powering on your Android phone or device can make the difference. I would try this before re-installing!

...but yes, sync sometimes gets "stuck" and it can be very frustrating. This is a known issues that has been reported to Evernote for years. There has been some improvement but it still happens. Usually resolves itself after a couple of hours, sometimes takes a restart, occasionally takes a day or two.

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