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(.\Bootstrapper.cpp:984) 0x643:Install Failed.

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Hi, I try to update new version. But Application show me a error message.


So, I try to remove app for install new version. But uninstaller is not launched. (Exactly, just blink uninstaller.)

The Error message is "(.\Bootstrapper.cpp:984) 0x643:Install Failed." (This is not clear because I use Korean Language.)

And I try to next step. Remove directories and files connected with Evernote such as in Program Files or in LocalLow.
And I download install file from evernote official download site. But Installer show me same Error message.


What can I do for install new version of Evernote?


I don't remember what kind of I use version of Evernote.

I use Window 10 Pro v1709 and OS Build version is 16299.1087.

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Hi.  This post is by someone who used to develop Evernote Windows (sadly,  he left...) but there have been various reports over the years of this bootstrapper error,  and the usual fix is to reinstall the version of Evernote that you were originally using and update from there.  (It's not usually necessary to uninstall the old version of Evernote before updating,  though I know that some other apps expect it.)

Do you remember when Evernote was installed on your computer,  or when it was last updated?  We can maybe make a guess what version you might have been using,  and try to reinstall that...


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Yes I tried

Fix 1 (Try ultimate Fix above first)

-Go to folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote  --> but could not find this folder -- I did found the C:\Users\pzlpp3\Evernote    but this one does not have any regsvr32.exe  file on it.

-Execute the following command line in admin mode : regsvr32.exe /u EvernoteOL.dll


I also did a search for the  Evernote.msi  file on my C: drive  and was not able to find it anywhere.

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