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Evernote Windows App I can see notes but they appear blank or empty when opened.

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I have no Idea if there has been an update recently however my evernote windows app is displaying my notes as empty.

For example when I open evernote for windows I can see all my note books & notes listed but when clicked on the notes are blank & there is no way to add new text/images/details to the notes.

I have logged out & back in, I have restarted my laptop & no change. I also logged into evernote online & can see all my notes & the details. I can also access them on my iPad without issues. I just can't access them in my app for windows. 

I'm not sure if there's an app issue & I just need to wait for an update, but I love taking notes as I'm studying at the moment & couldn't use it for lecture notes.



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I also have this issue occasionally. It started happening after Evernote's big redesign they released recently. I can navigate and use Evernote just fine, but all my notes are blank. I have to restart the app to fix it.

I am using v10.4.4 build 2096 public on a Mac v11.0.1

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Happens to me too a lot. It started since the last major update a couple of months ago. To the devs: It may be related to a network or authentication issue. For me it happens after a while, maybe after switching networks (from LAN to wifi). Or maybe the auth token is expiring regardless of networks? Also, the Check for updates window stays empty when it happens. Please fix asap. This is so sad. It keeps asking for a premium update while my notes are all empty..

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12 minutes ago, PNG Coops said:

Same prob 


Since I'm on Windows 10, I seem to have fixed it by going into Task Manager (CTRL+Shift+Escape), scrolling down to the Evenote instances on the Process tab, right clicking and picking End Task.  Killed them all and then restarted EN and the content came back.

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@idickinson, welcome to the forums. You're responding to a thread from over 2 years ago, so the issues now are entirely different. Please search around the forums for references to "slow loading" and the like, and look at threads from the last month or so. You will see the reason, which has to do with the recently introduced changes to the syncing structure of notes.

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