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export notebook - no right click menu

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i used the help content here for windows desktop export notebook:


I followed the steps, but right clicking gives me a system context menu, not an evernote one. I looked around the UI but no mention of export anywhere, only share. It does not appear to be a premium only feature.

My goal is to combine the notes into one document so I can find how many occurrences of certain keywords- there is over 100 different keywords i need counts for, AND there is almost 300 notes in the notebook. 

I need guidance on how to export it and put the notes into something like ms word.

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sorry brain ***** i am realizing now, that I am on the web version on a desktop computer, not the desktop app (download) on windows. The help documentation was not clear. Hopefully this experience will be useful to someone else or evernote makes their documentation more clear.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. To address the first issue, if you're getting a system menu on right-click rather than an Evernote one, either (A) be sure you're in the Evernote desktop program and not in the Evernote Web client in a browser; or (B) if you're definitely in the desktop program, it may need to be restarted -- exit it completely (File > Exit; the red X box will only close the interface, not the whole program), then start it again and see if things are set right.

Once you're in the desktop program and are getting the correct menu on right-click ... then someone else here will have to help you, because I know nothing about exporting. :) But there are people here who are good at it and can give advice.

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4 hours ago, Qcriderfan87 said:

The help documentation was not clear.

To be fair, the web page you cite says pretty clearly towards the top:


Note: This feature is only available in Evernote for Mac or Windows.


Unfortunately, there is no export for the web product. I'm sure it would be useful to any number of folks.




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2 minutes ago, Lewis-H said:

I would recommend you to raise a ticket as this is a bug and you can do much about it from your end.

Um, what bug are you talking about? The documented behavior is clear.

Oh, and who are you replying to? Please use the forum quoting facility to make things clearer.

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3 minutes ago, Lewis-H said:

I would recommend you to raise a ticket as this is a bug and you can do much about it from your end.

There's no bug; just a feature (export) only available on the Windows/Mac platforms

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Please bring back the right click options in the panels. This new update is making Evernote terrible to use and honestly, I don't think I'll keep using it if basic simple functions are gone and made more complicated. 

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I wish to leave evernote for good. Your new biz model is holding my data hostage. I am attempting to follow your instructions for exporting notebooks at article https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053159414 and find that there is no longer an option to right click the notebook (as your help article demonstrates). I am using the windows desktop client, not the web. Please instruct me on how to export entire notebooks, not individual notes, as I have hundreds of notes that I wish to move to opensource freedom-loving Joplin. If my only option is to export individual notes, then the hours I would spend doing so will be a testament to your company really taking the worst path possible. Please help---I have been a loyal user for almost a decade....

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