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Hey, I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but a cursory search did not lead me to any answers.

How can I change the theme on my iPad from dark to light?

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Posted (edited)

I think the only way to turn on “dark screen” is through your device settings:

In Settings go to :  Display & Brightness. ➡️ see “appearance” & click either “light” or “dark”

I like using Evernote in “dark Screen” but I dislike using my Email in “Dark Screen”.  So i don’t use Dark Screen.  As far as I can tell, Dark Screen is now ALL or NONE on one’s device.  

Several device updates ago before being able to change device settings to either “light” or “dark”, Evernote provided a prompt in Account page to turn Dark Screen off & on.  At that time, when ysing the Evernote prompt to turn off or on Dark Screen, only Evernote showed up in Dark Screen, not Emails, etc.  I liked that.  Then after device updates allowed control of light & dark screen through device settings, the Evernote Account light & dark screen prompt is gone.  
i wish Evernote would bring back the light & dark screen prompt in individual’s Evernote Account page.  I stopped using dark screen when dark screen became ALL or none on my device.

EDIT TO SAY:  Now I remember the most difficult challenge of having ALL in Dark Screen, my emails would PRINT in Dark mode using lots of Black Ink & with emails printed in Dark Screen Mode being difficult to read.  Turning Dark Screen off or on to print became to cumbersome & difficult to remember to do when spontaneously printing an email.

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You are correct: EN borrows the visual mode from the OS. So if iOS is set to switch modes, EN will switch it as well. To switch it off, one must switch it off for the iOS device all together.

For Windows the dark mode is still missing, because EN runs as a 32bit app. Windows only applies dark mode to 64bit-Apps.

User reaction in the Forum reaches from „it is an absolut must-have“ to „not important at all“.

People with a long memory remember their first monitors were all dark mode, with green or later amber text displayed on a dark background. We felt at that time that the brand new monitors that presented dark text on a white background were a gigantic leap in ergonomic and comfort. Nobody could force us back into „dark mode“ at that time 🤓

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