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Unable to continue using Regular plan after terminating premium



Hello - my premium account recently expired, I wont be renewing it.


upon login I am prompted to upgrade to premium or unsync additional devices beyond the limit offered by regular.

I have already gone through the process of "unsyncing" old devices I never use through this interface (twice) this week.


to be able to continue using evernote 

actual result:

given two options: unsync devices (again) -> pressing this forces logout since "you have already unsynced devices twice this month"



it seems as though there is a bug in evernote that ignores unsynced devices in the context of a recently ended Premium account; this inhibits login.


This makes it impossible to use evernote on my desktop.


Please help - evernote doesn't provide technical support for non-premium accounts; because of this it feels like my data is being held hostage until I fork over premium subscription

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In hindsight it is easier to see: Set the account to what it should be before the Premium terminates.

You can go to Premium for just one month, sort things out, and fall back again. This will give you access to support for this time as well.

Other things to remember: The note size limit decreases significantly with basic. Even if you do not want to create large notes any longer - if you download one and modify it, it can't upload again. So if there are large sized notes, it may be worth the effort to break them down while Premium.

In the forum are users - so you can get our hints and sympathy on your problem, but not the help support could offer.

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I seem to have resolved the issue by circumventing the pop up "unsync device" dialog - by going to the account settings page instead and doing it there.

It seems that the dialog that pops up for unsyncing devices is buggy.



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