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Creating a permanent, private link (hyperlink) to a Photo or Photo Album on iCloud

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I am trying to figure out a way to create a hyperlink that I can paste into Evernote which links directly to an individual photo or photo album in my Mac's "Photos" app. 

The reason is because I would like to avoid storing the same photo in multiple locations (e.g., apple's iCloud, Evernote, Airtable, etc).

The link needs to be permanent (so I can't use the "Copy iCloud Link" feature since that link expires in 30 days).

And the link needs to be private (so I can't create a Shared photo album and copy the Public URL). 

Ideally, when the link is clicked from my personal computer, the Photos app will open automatically on my iPhone/MacBook Pro. And if clicked from a public computer, it would require me to log into iCloud first before viewing the photos.


Anyone know if creating a permanent, private link to iCloud photo(s) is this possible?



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To share a single picture permanently is not possible.

To create a permanent link to fotos in the iCloud, you have to use a shared album. To use it, it needs to be activated in the iCloud settings, topic „Use shared albums“. There can be up to 5.000 fotos in a shared album, and it can be shared to 100 people.

Just tried it with a shared album by sharing it to my Evernote mail adress. The link is embedded behind the word „subscribe“. When clicked on inside of EN, it takes me directly to the iCloud album.

It is not ideal, but up to my knowledge the currently only way to share pictures from iCloud more permanently.

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@PinkElephant Thanks.  I shared the album with my Evernote email address, and a new note was created titled "Subscribe to (Album Name)". Inside, I clicked the link "Subscribe" and this prompted me to click "Join" or "Ignore."  I did clicked "Join."  However, I don't see the link to the actual album.... what do you mean "embedded behind the word Subscribe?"  Even after I click "Join," when I go back to click the "Subscribe" link, it prompts me again to "Join" or "Ignore."  Furthermore, it doesn't open up the album automatically anyway.  I still have to navigate to it by browsing my Shared Albums.  I tried on both iPhone and MacBook Pro.   Curious if I'm missing something?

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No, not missing a thing. First I have to translate from German, so words can be a bit off.

Second it is a link to an album. So I would call it more a workaround than a solution. The problem is on the iCloud side, because they do not allow to create permanent links to foots, just to albums.

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