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Can't Contact Evernote

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Hi.  There's an option on the Support page to 'continue as a guest' if you have an issue with the login. Also you can reach Evernote on Twitter @EvernoteHelps or you can probably downgrade your account yourself online via https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action - look for 'manage subscription' about halfway down the page.

Your account type presumably won't change until you run out of the trial period.

Good luck...

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Hi, God bless u, I have the same  'mimi''s issue, but I' have Premium account, and I can''t contact EN support to know why my sync is not working since few hours ago (more than 3hrs), arriving to the EN contact form and putting my login info, it gives me the same page ''You have logged out of Evernote'',  https://evernote.com/logged-out/?logout&uid=30594792 so I have never been able to access the chat with EN support! 😕 Please, I'm here to needing help to fix why I can't synchronize and why I can't contact support, what is wrong with EN? , this error has never happened so many hours 😕 😕 
My subscription is valid and I have more than half of the available space 😕


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Keep in mind where EN is located. The support team sits on the US west coast, and they are responsive at their office hours. You find these on the support website - currently I hope they are not just thinking about their job, while looking at the stars at midnight.

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