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Can I encrypt text in Evernote for iOS?

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I have tried to find someplace that describes how to do this in iOS. I can find it for windows, and I can find many references both in the help screens in the forums to this feature, but I am in an able to find any description of how to do it on an iPad. I’m being beginning to suspect that it can’t be done on mobile device. Is this true? If not, can someone detailed instructions or to the appropriate help screen? Thanks. 

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No, encryption is not currently an Evernote/IOS feature

As a work-around, I perform encryption externally and include it as a note attachment file    
This also bypasses the limitations of Evernote's text encryption feature

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1 minute ago, philman said:

Seriously, I can not password or encrypt a note in IOS?  That is crazy.  I have some notes that are encrypted, must have done that before MAC.

Evernote supports a text encryption feature for selected text; no support for "password or encrypt a note"

Yes, the encryption is a Mac/Windows feature
The encrypted text can be viewed in Evernote/IOS

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