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Go To Notes List Keyboard Shortcut

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It's not as simple as a single direct shortcut, but it is possible to get there with the keyboard alone. The exact procedure depends on where the focus is when you start. The Tab key moves left to right and Shift+Tab moves right to left. So if you are in the Left Panel (the list of notebooks, tags, etc.), pressing Tab moves to the Search Bar at the top of the Note List; Tab from there moves to the Note List itself; the next Tab moves to the title field of the current note in the Note Panel; and one more Tab moves to the body of the note itself.

Shift+Tab reverses direction in the same sequence, but if you are in the body of a note, you first must use F2 to move to its title field; then Shift+Tab moves to the Note List, the Search Bar, and the Left Panel in order. It's that F2 that is the tricky part, in my experience.

Clear as mud, eh (as we used to say)?
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