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Voice memo to text on iPhone and Mac using Evernote

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If you grab voice memos with iOS devices, my proposal would be the app JustPressRecord. You can decide after recording whether you want the result as audio file, text transcript or both. It is available for i-devices and the Watch, which comes in handy because there is no keyboard.

There is a Mac app as well - if you are on Catalina, it will transcribe text on the Mac, if on Mojave or older it will just manage the audio files (because older MacOSes lack the function). Transcript then has to be done on an iOS device using the iOS capability to do so.

The result needs to be transferred into EN.

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7 hours ago, efx00 said:

Can this app use an audio file input?

Hi.  It's not possible to 'import' audio,  but files of any format can be attached to a note and played on any device which has both access to the account and compatible software installed.

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Hi. You can do it in this way: add your voice memos to the Documents app, so it will be saved in an M4A format that you can easily convert, for example with this audio to text converter. It supports many audio formats, so you can easily save it and add it to Evernote.

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This is in the Mac section. The Mac has a build in speech to text capability - no need for an online audio to text converter where the most important word on the page is PRICING. Oh, yes, one gets a 30min free trial. Thank you, who needs it may shell out 70-100$ to get 10hrs of audio transferred into text.

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