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automatic filter incoming emails and move to another notebook


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You can influence this from your E-Mail-Client. Adding an „@Notebook“ sends the Mail to the specified Notebook, adding a #Tag1 #Tag2 will add Tag1 and Tag2 to the note created. Operations like this can be done in many Mail clients using filter rules.

To do it inside of EN you have to go to 3rd party tools, but I think it is better to do this from the Mail Client.

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I'd imagine the usual automation suspects from AutoHotKey to Zenkit would help if (like me) you use Gmail - I still haven't found a way to add @<notebook> to a Gmail title when auto-forwarding emails.  I tend to send all my selected emails into the Default notebook,  then reallocate them and tag as necessary with Filterize based on title or content.

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3 hours ago, lankad said:

I have daily streams of email sent from a single address that I would like to be automatically be moved to specific notebook from my default notebook.

Can that be done from within evernote?

Evernote has no tools for "automatically be moved" other than the email title parameters
You need a third party service

For example Filterize provides this type of trigger/action; also an email address for each notebook

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per @DTLow - sorry:  when I said "reallocate them" above,  I meant I was using Filterize to move them to another notebook as well as applying tags - and those tags can also automatically add a link to that note into another Table of Contents note,  like my 'to-do' lists...

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