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Unable to paste multiple paragraphs into Evernote

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I'm using Evernote, latest version on Android and on basic plan. I have Samsung A50 and swiftkey keyboard. 

I'm unable to paste multiple paragraphs into Evernote. Anything past first paragraph doesn't get pasted. This issue doesn't happen with Gmail and other note apps and I can paste the entire chunk. I have deleted the cache and data and reinstalled. 

Is this an issue or a limitation of basic? 




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Hi, Dee, and welcome to the forums. I see that you've already tried reinstalling. It's surprising that that didn't fix it, because this should work. What is the source of the material you're pasting? Is it from a Web site, a Word or Google doc, etc.? It's possible that there's something in the source formatting that is confusing Evernote. Also, does it happen all the time, or just with certain source material or certain Evernote notes?

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