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Apple Watch Record Audio DOES NOT WORK

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Series 5 / Iphone 8+ all updated - decided to try evernote app on the watch - audio recording does nothing; I am able to dictate a note when I press the + icon, but pressing the microphone icon to start an audio recording does nothing.  A long press on the evernote screen brings up New Note, Audio and Search icons.  If I press the Audio icon  it just returns to the main screen and records nothing.

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Just tested it, and yes, the microphone seems to do nothing.

But this is not true, however what it does it contrary to the user interface and thus not intuitive:

When you hit the „+“ symbol to start a new note, it offers you options to scribble, or to dictate.

When you press the microphone before you press the „+“, it opens directly the new note with the speech-to-text option. It will not create an audio-note, it will transfer the spoken words into typed text directly.

If you want to create an audio note, you probably have to use the apple native speech memo app on the watch.

For me there is another app that does it better: JustPressRecord. It grabs an audio note on the watch, can replay it there, and sends it to the app on the connected iPhone. There you can decide to have it transcribed into text, send it as an audio file or both. This is my favorite for quick verbal note taking on my watch while I am on the move.

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