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Table formatting was changed/modified



I don't know what happened, but somewhere in the last few days my Evernote web interface switched from the new version, to the older version (automatically, somehow), to now the newer version again (I did this manually).

I had created a few documents with specially-customized tables that looked great. Then, when viewing them in the older version of Evernote, they still appeared very much like the original. Now, when I made Evernote go back to the new version, the table columns got all out of whack (that means they don't look like they're supposed to). In fact, all of the columns are the same width, but this was not the case when I initially designed them (in the new Evernote web, I might add).

What happened??

I don't expect to get my formatting back, and thankfully the template I created retained it's formatting, but it is frustrating to look at these notes I spent quite a bit of time designing only to find them hard to follow, given the table issue.

These template-based notes were supposed to help me be more productive...now they are taking more time out of my day.

And no, I can't just fix it by opening a new template. I already have content in these older notes. I would have to manually go and adjust all of the table columns (there are 45 tables in each of the notes this happened to).

Evernote has been a great service for me, but this is just frustrating.

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