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Cursor jumps to top of note when sync a shared note

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(This i on Windows 10)

I am editing a note in a shared notebook:
When syncing (automatically or manually by pressing F9) cursor jumps to top of note.
To be precise: If person A share a note with person B,
Only person B will have the issue.
I reported the bug. They wanted a caption video?????
They wanted to see the cursor jump.
I tried to send the video but my mail program refused to send it because of the virus risk.
Probably they do so only to make me give up.

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3 hours ago, ThomasHj said:

Probably they do so only to make me give up.

It's pretty common to share video of unexpected behaviour - if you go back to Evernote and explain,  maybe they can suggest an alternative...

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Thomas  - this is happening to me.  Every time the note auto-saves, the cursor jumps to top of the page.  I am considering moving to a different platform because this makes it almost unusable.  I am NOT sharing notes with others either.  


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