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Access Denied to View Images

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I'm working in a note and would like to put an image of a bar chart for monthly meetings. I can add an image, but it only shows a standard icon and when I click on it to view, it says access denied and that I need to sign in. I'm clearly signed in already if I'm accessing my note. What am I doing wrong? 


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Probably the Image had not yet synced to the server. This EN knows there is to be an image, but does not have the file. So it shows a placeholder and refuses to open what is not there.

Maybe try again, this time making sure the local change (yes, putting something into the browser is first a local event, it needs to be synced from the local browser memory to the server) has reached the server. You can for example use a mobile device and look whether the note is on the server, with picture and all.

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