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Web Interface second column, chosen note too light a gray


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Using the new web and mobile interface as we choose a note the selected note (second column) is much too light gray. As we scroll through our list of notes it is difficult returning to the note in that list we are working on. In not the best lighting it is difficult. Okay, yes the note is open we are working on it can click on it, however clicking on it does not bring the center list to that note. Okay, you now want to open the note above or below it, the light gray center column makes it very difficult finding the note we are working on.

In the middle column the chosen note should visually standout. Clicking on the note we are working on the middle list of notes should return to our working note. Give this a go, click on a note as though you are working on it, now in the middle column scroll through the list of notes, okay now attempt bringing the middle list back to the open note. In a word, frustrating.

On the Web interface, when we often need to delete or move a note. The process is we must move the mouse to the upper right corner, click, choose our action. Imagine you are working on many notes, that process is laborious. Suggestion, look at Gmail interface, notice on each email in the list as we move our mouse over it four icons appear, moving the mouse a few millimeters we can as needed choose the appropriate icon not all the way across the screen accomplishing a task. With the above suggestions the UI of Evernote Web would be much easier and less frustrating.

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