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Why is Search disabled for shared notebooks in Chrome?

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I'm a premium user and want to share a notebook with a number of basic users. They will need to access the notebook through a variety of platforms (iOS, Android, PC, Mac).  In some cases (iOS app, Safari browser) the notes and tags appear and the search function works.  However, when accessing a shared notebook in Chrome the search function appears to be completely disabled.  Can you explain why this is and how I can get it to operate?


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Hi.  You show up as a Basic user in the Forum,  but if you are a subscriber I'd suggest you contact Support direct - this is a mainly user-driven Forum and we aren't always up to date on what's happening with which browser.  Since each one is like an independent operating system which is updated and upgraded frequently on their own schedule, features can come and go until the Evernote team catch up with the latest version.

Relying on searches doesn't seem very reliable in a notebook shared so widely - particularly since tagging,  on which some searches rely,  also depends on everyone syncing their devices regularly so they have the latest tagged version of the content.  The search skills of your users will also (presumably) vary giving some more access than others.

I prefer to rely on Tables of Content to 'drive' shared out data.  Grouping notes together at various levels in an overall hierarchy can create a notebook that acts like a small website - links from a main page note going to index notes which themselves contain links to different sections.



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