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Note counts not up to date

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Am I the only one completely annoyed that the note count numbers only update when clicking on the notebook?

For example if a note is added or removed from a notebook on another device or via AppleScript, the note count doesn't update until the notebook is clicked.

Additionally the notification badge on the dock icon only updates when Evernote is brought to the front.


Its not like its only updating when it syncs, its instantaneous upon click. Its like it should know the count has changed, just lazy to update the count on screen. Seems like there should be a periodic low priority process every few seconds to update all the note counts and dock icon.



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I guess I may be the only one. 

I wish to add another paper cut here. When clearing a reminder, I still see notification badges for that reminder on other devices. The badges are still there over 24 hours after clearing the reminder (marking done). Evernote is failing to background sync those clients, or the background sync is happening but the app is forgetting to pull the badge. The badge disappears immediately upon launch of the app on that device. Mac and iOS the same. Simple sync functionality just not working right.

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Hi.  Your issues seem to be with sync - your devices are either only syncing when you edit,  or when they're otherwise prompted to take action: nothing seems to be happening in the background.  All the clients have sync options - how,  when and how frequently to update - and obviously sync is dependent on the quality and speed of your network and internet connections,  and whether they're travelling through a VPN or business firewall of some sort. 

Evernote has some generic help for this - How to troubleshoot syncing issues

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iOS 13 has further restricted the background activities of apps. This is for privacy reasons, but as well to save energy.

So if EN has not finished syncing within of a few minutes from being moved into the background, it may be that the app is killed by iOS, stopping an ongoing sync. It will start again when the app is opened. But if it is not opened before somebody goes to the server database on another device, there will be missing information.

Not much EN can do about, I'm afraid.

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Thanks for the comments. I realise that there are restrictions in iOS that are out of Evernote's control. Reminder state also seems to be one of the first things that are synced in the sync process, so reminders should feasibly be synced before the OS says "times up". Seems to me that the server isn't waking the client to background sync like it used to.

However the same problem also occurs on my 2 Macs. I am 99% sure the notes are synced there, the badge just isn't updating. As soon as I switch to Evernote the badge disappears.

Despite all this everything is 100% reliable and I have never lost data. Hence my term "papercuts". I use reminders sparingly (It would drive me insane if I used them extensively). So when I see a badge on Evernote I usually bear in mind that it may be the first time I have opened it since completing a reminder on another device. I launch it and sure enough the badge disappears. Nothing is actually overdue. It serves its purpose but I'm pretty sure this was not the desired behaviour from the designers.

Seems that there needs to be a bit of work done on tidying up processes on the Mac client (dock badge and Notepad count badges) every hour or so.

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