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Allow text from note to be shared easily via whatsapp / telegram



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Both posts here are very short on information.

So here is the iOS version. If on Android, it should work somehow similar.

  1. Open the note.
  2. Choose the share option on top (little man with +)
  3. Choose the bottom option "More sharing options" (or else, I am on an iPhone set to german)
  4. Again choose the bottom option "Share outside of EN"
  5. Then, the standard iOS sharing dialogue will open, with all the options.
  6. With WhatsApp you can only share the link to the note.
  7. But you can choose print, create a pdf from the print of the note, and send this via WhatsApp.

It needs a lot of steps, but it works.

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EN is about sharing notes, not about sending short messages with shaky orthography, non existent grammar and an attention span measured in milliseconds.

If you want the later, stick with WhatsApp.

P.S. Content can be send from EN notes by first selecting it inside of a note, then hit „share“ on the popup menu, select the messenger, select the recipient and hit send.

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Probably by sharing text messages he meant exactly sharing the notes to telegram chats. It's definitely possible to make because I frequently use this feature. Anyway, sometimes it's not really comfortable, so I was searching for other ways to do that. I found out that there are many business messaging platforms which can be helpful in such cases. For example, in one review I found about the clerk.chat that is a business messaging platform with good security system. I wasn't sure that I need to spend money on that one but my small team tells me it's gonna be a good idea. Probably gonna get it 'till this year.

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