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MOHIO or CARDDESK integration app?

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Hi.  I can't think of any integrations that would directly replicate the Mohio or Carddesk experience,  though options like outlining (Workflowy) or Mind Maps (lots!) allow you to create more visual layouts for your notes.  Is it possible for you to give us more detail about why searching visually is preferred here,  and why a note / notebook system doesn't cut it for you?

There is one option which might help you - see https://infranodus.com/  It's a stand-alone app that can import Evernote files.  I haven't used it for a while so can't offer much more in the way of accurate product description - but check it out for yourself!

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There was bubble browser as well, but it seems to be discontinued. One can still find it on the Mac AppStore, but it bombs on launch, the website was not touched for years, and mails are not answered. 

One should think about the fact that you need to give these apps FULL access to your notes to use them. They could read every note in your account, extract whatever information is there and use it for whatever purpose. IMHO this is a lot of trust based on very little of fact - especially when the tools come for free, and have no obvious business modell.

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Bubble Browser was / is a program (for the Mac ?) that used to show relations between notes or tags in a graphical way. I used it a while ago, forgot about it, and retried it appr. 8-9 month ago.

But it seems to be dysfunctional, always bombing when analyzing the relations between notes. It did not only crash, it took down the whole Mac on its way to nirvana. The web site was not modified in years, support does not answer etc. 

Is this the type of program you would trust all your EN accounts content to ? I do not ...

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Yes, bubble browser indeed had so much functional potential. But as always, these third party apps have a problem of monetization. There was an excellent 3rd party - full featured client on IOS called Matcha, whose experience was so awesome, it too has gone this same way. 

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