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(Archived) how to delete search criteria fast w/o leaving the notebook



Hi all,

i'm looking for a smart way to delete ALL the choosen search words (actually, its a string, which i pasted into the searchfield) at once,

*without* using the Reset Button, because that swtichtes the current notebook to "All Notebooks" and then, it takes very long for EN to respond again.

also, i do not want/like to leave the current notebook.

so "reset" isnt a good choice.

any idea?


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basically every other app :( It saves a lot of time!

it hopefully will.

although i don't use those apps a lot. itunes for syncing, because i have to.

(some time later and some checks later....)

ok, i see now. :shock: it's an ui feature of common apple software.

never too late to learn (again)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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