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Can't use clipper - constant "unknown error" "EDAM/AUTH_EXPIRED"

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So the other day I signed onto evernote using my laptop, not realizing there was a limit to the number of devices I could have connected. No big deal, I had 3 at the time so I went back onto my desktop and revoked the access for the laptop. But now the error is still coming up. Not sure why.

It says this exactly:

Clipper has encountered an error
Unknown error occurred.



Logs attached.

evernote logs.txt

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I am so relieved to find someone else experiencing this problem. I'm also on Chrome. EN vers. 7.14. Mac 10.13.6. I am reluctant to try anything until I have more certainty and detailed instructions on how to proceed. Have you learned anything further?

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Hi all, thanks for reporting this issue.

Our development team is currently investigating to find and implement a permanent fix for this error message. It looks like this issue is intermittent, and it may happen at anytime with random URLs.

While not ideal, here's a workaround that might work in the meantime:
1. Sign out of your Clipper account: Invoke Clipper > Select Settings > Logout
2. Refresh your browser
3. Sign back into Clipper: Invoke Clipper > Sign in
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Just ran into this issue today using the Firefox clipper addon. Logging out and reauthenticating the clipper extension fixed the issue.

Click Settings.


In the General tab, click the Logout button.


The next time you try to use the extension, it should ask for your credentials and keep the new session authenticated from now on.

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