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(Archived) Suggestion: New view format

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First off, just let me say that, I love Evernote! I had been using OneNote for quite some time, but, while that was an awesome program, it lacked one thing... an easy way to clip to it from the 'Net! Evernote does that for me and gives me another backup location for everything I clip.

One thing that I do miss from OneNote is the way I was able to customize my notebooks: a different colour for every tab, stationery pages, and subpages and subsections. I love that you can use any font that you have available on your computer and the notes you clip automatically go by that font. Yes, I realize that the core issues need to be resolved before any user interface improvements could be considered, but I truly feel that more users would subscribe if they were given the option of being able to customize their notebooks. For example, I'd really like to have the option of having the list view, but with thumbnail views of the notes, instead of the list details... I like being able to have the preview pane at the bottom of the screen but there doesn't seem to be an option to have it that way without being in list view.

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+1 on this.

In returning to intensive schooling, I had been going nuts trying to find a great tool for synced desktop/mobile in-class notetaking and general reference and recording. I was initially enamored by EN, then frustrated by what I felt was a lack of a clean, cohesive interface. I tried almost everything else, short of buying OneNote, from Simplenote to Zotero to Google Docs (great for collaboration but little else) to combining (yuck) MsOffice and (yum) Dropbox. Eventually, I returned to my beloved green elephant, and learned to open notes in their own window for a cleaner interface, remove toolbars, etc. I embraced the fact the EN is a supremely powerful capture tool, and that my mostly text-based use of it was such a small portion of its functional ability necessitates a little work on my part to remove some of the static. Foregoing tags entirely for a more multiple-notebook-centered organization has worked well so far.

I guess what I would love to see would be an interface overhaul on the desktop and mobile apps to enhance the experience for pure notetaking. I'm not sure what form this would take; perhaps enhancing the list view option on the desktop for a cleaner user experience, and adding a list view default to the iphone app rather than having to click into the advanced search screen to drill into specific notebooks? Also, as has been brought up on these forums before, nested notebooks would be a great alternative to tags... Many have rejected this as duplicating the nested tag funtionality already present, but I still think it would be a great move to help us old-school organizers who use trees more heavily than search.

In the end, as the original poster noted, this is all dependent on the continued evolution of the core code. Still, considering some future evolution of the interface to compete with OneNote, taking some cues from AwesomeNote's iphone app, and generally expanding on EN's already awesome utility for classroom notetaking would be a coup, I think.

As an aside, an option on the desktop app for an audio-only capture for lecture recording (a la the iSight capture option already available on the mac, just with the video removed) would be cool.

Keep it up, Dave and Co.!


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