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Veiwing PDF's in Browser ?

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When I add a PDF from my EN Mac Desktop app and sync with my online account I can later open the note and read the PDF on my Mac/Iphone and iPad.

However, when I go to the EN website using Firefox, there is only a Marker for the PDF with no option (or I can't find one) to view the actual PDF in line. (It does appear as a thumbnail in my sidebar).

If I right click the Marker then it downloads the file (I do not want this, just want to view online in browser.

Please advise what I am doing wrong.

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Hi.  For reasons of speed and efficiency your browser will only display the text & image part of your server-based note immediately - like any other web page.  PDF files could be very large files,  so do not display - which would require a download of the file first - unless selected.  This is normal behaviour for a browser-based system. 

The desktop version already has access to the file - it's saved on your hard drive - so can display it in line. 

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