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Contacting EverNote Sales

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Greetings All,  

I am trying to coordinate a call with EverNote Sales (AM and SE) to  understand features and functionality, etc.  I've submitted online forms twice, but have not received a response from EverNote.  Additionally, I've tried calling their 650 phone number, but dead end as well.

Anyone know of the proper method to connect with EverNote Sales (AM and SE)?



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Hi.  We're a -mainly- user supported forum here,  so the short answer is:  I have no idea. 

If you'd like to share your questions we do have a fair amount of user experience to draw on,  maybe we can assist.  There are also several help pages which might be relevant...

Evernote Business FAQ

Compare Evernote subscription plans

How to sign up for Evernote Business

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