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ToC - Creator for Evernote shortcut ios (Download)



Unfortunately evernote have no toc creation on IOS. I need this more then once :). Also create a shortcut that can a little bit more.

Screenshot: Screenshot
Video: Video youtube 

⚠️ Required: evernote on ios

➡️Input: Start Shortcut and select the notebook, tags or title

⬅️Output: a toc – note in evernote

Latest Version: 🌏 http://tomtom24.de/evernote-toc-creator-for-ios
Date: 29. Jan 2020 at 16:00
UUID: 8803C9EE-478C-400D-A0A5-B504CEFD9754

#toc #inhaltsverzeichnis #evernote



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Hi.  I moved this to a votable feature request forum to see how many others want to support your suggestion.  Evernote is already working on making the full service available across all platforms,  so you may see this sooner rather than later - but that's 'sooner' as in later this year,  just not (probably) next year... 

Meantime you may have to use a desktop for linking and tables of content.

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Do you understood that’s is a solution for the over years existing problem? 
i don‘t believe that this is coming this year.

sorry I’m a user since 2012 and I will use Evernote only on iOS, Evernote is the one and only that don’t be willing to support the iOS user und a proper way. Windows and Web are the Focus and i think that’s wrong.  

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7 minutes ago, tomtommac said:

Windows and Web are the Focus and i think that’s wrong.  

The full feature set is supported on the Mac and Windows platforms

New development is being tested on the web platform, with the intent of all-platform distribution

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yeah.... i use evernote since 2012 - there is an existential lack of features for the ios platform. 

I don't see a development there... cause no public betas available, no multiselect announced... that's a ugly argument "cloud structure don't allow multiselect" ... look at note app - they have also cloud service and there is a multiselect... or every mail program... i'm waiting to long.. 

The only thing because i use evernote is, that the export is limited and i can't export the properly.


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Have you tried with Filterize? It is amazing for ToC and will run no matter what OS you use. I use it between Android and MacOS. I don't really use the ToC from Evernote anymore.

You could have a tag "Make a ToC" (or whatever), and Filterize would take care of making the ToC for you.

The only inconvenience might be that you will need 1 tag per ToC. It is best for a dashboard or something temporary.

I use it to feed my inbox or my GTD table.


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