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Few feature suggestions for the new Evernote Windows app



I posted some of my suggestions in the General Feature Requests category and was advised to post the Windows-specific feature requests here.

Since Evernote is working on new Windows apps, I thought of sharing my feature wish list. I hope the team finds them useful and implements at least some of them someday.    

  • Make Evernote appear as a target in the Windows 10 share sheet. It will make it incredibly easy to add documents and images without first opening the Evernote app. As you can see OneNote is already doing this (see attached image). Implementing this option will also make it consistent with how sharing works on mobile apps
  • Dark Mode. I know many others have already requested it and you will probably implement it someday.
  • Some form of speech-to-text functionality in your Windows app will help users who are not good at typing or have medical issues. I believe Google already offers top-notch speech-to-text service for third-party apps (https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text). There are both free and paid plans, I think. Even if only as an Evernote Premium feature, it would be very handy to have speech-to-text capabilities in your app. If that takes too much effort, at the least, make products like Nuance Dragon Professional work well with your desktop app.
  • Lastly, a frame-less design for your Windows app will make it look modern and beautiful.  

Hoping that the Evernote team will evaluate the feasibility and usefulness of these features


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