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Where Do I Get Templates Please ??? - Daily Reflection

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For what seems like such a simple plain note storage system, it's actually quite difficult!

I had templates when I first registered and logged on, and selected to use the 'Daily reflection' one.

I have been over to select it again a few times now so I go to make another note after making one each day for 4 days and they are no where to be seem to be selected. Absolutely no option to pick it now or any option to pick any for that matter, just a new plain note!

I also can't just copy the contents either over to a 'new note', and I cant find where to select this template again. This is all I would like to use and if I wanted to find it in the template database, there isn't even a search option! I would have to look through the thousands of templates just to find it again. 

It must be me and surely these issues can't be typical if so I fail to see how this would be functional for anyone.

Thank you and look forward to some feedback / help!





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