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What happened to Evernote Helper that I could have in my Startup login list?

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Upgraded my Mac.. Did the Time Machine carry over. Even tried to re-install Evernote normally.

Now my helper (Elephant in top bar) only launches if Evernote launches. aka need Evernote in my 'startup' program lists, to get to have the elephant, or at least manually start up Evernote.

But before, there was a separate type of program that you could place in your login items called Evernotehelper. 

The functionality of the screen snap (Elephant helper) is definately something ideal for a startup program, whilst Evernote in itself is something I would rather start up when I actually need it.

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I wonder why it is still not possible to launch Evernote Helper at startup (new version). I keep the legacy version on my Mac purely for this reason.... Any update from the developers on this?

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