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Hello! I was at an appointment today and needed to access a PDF document I saved yesterday in Evernote. I was using my Pixel phone. When I clicked on the attachment, it would start to pull up Adobe Acrobat, then stop and give me two options to open the document. Neither of them (Paprika or Stocard) will open PDF documents. ??? How can I use Adobe to open this PDF? (The same exact thing happens if I click the three dots and select "view"- it gives those same two weird options.) Thanks!

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I have exactly the same problem on my Samsung S10. For a second it shows the Adobe Acrobat for Samsung start screen then it gives me only three options, none of which can open a PDF (one of the options is Garmin Connect!?).  I don't have any issues opening PDF documents from other sources.

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Hi.  When I tap a PDF (Samsung Note) I get a 'please wait',  then the file opens in Xodo which is my default PDF reader.  Not sure how you assign (or re-assign) file priorities,  but if you uninstall and reinstall your PDF reader,  that might re-set the default...?

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@Laurie Merritt @Derek-M Thanks for reaching out!

There is a known issue with Adobe Acrobat that we are working to resolve. Our apologies for any trouble this may have caused.

As a temporary workaround, my suggestions would be to use Google PDF viewer until the root cause of the issue is pinpointed and resolved.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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I was having the same problem with my android One Plus,...

from you phone if you click on the three dots in the document name box it gives you different options including download, this will download the document to your phone and you'll be able to see it and print it or what ever else you need.

Hope this helps.

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