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Having issue with image upload (Auto-scan/modify)

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Usually when you upload pictures of notes, the image will be "scanned" and modified to make the background much brighter and lighter and the text much easier to read.

This feature is really useful a lot of the time - however, when I try to upload pictures which I don't want to be modified (eg. photographs), these pictures also get modified some of the time. Is there any way to turn off this feature?

Thank you for your help.

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6 hours ago, Lewis-H said:

Had the same issue (Windows 10). Came across it many times in the past. Have posted a ticket to evernote support.

Thinking about migrating to some other note taking program. This is a deal braker.

PS: it seems that solution to this problem is a manual sync immediately after creation of the note. But i am not sure.

Hi.  It would be interesting if you could quote your ticket number and any  responses you get here.  If you're complaining about images being treated as OCR documents,  can you confirm: are you taking pictures manually in the Evernote app?  Or does the app show a green outline around your document and take a picture automatically?  (Changing between manual and automatic is via the icon at top right of the camera screen).

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