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How can I use Evernote for a simple journal/diary?


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Hi. Evernote isn't designed for any specific task,  but it's easy enough to create a template for a specific type of note like a diary,  or a recipe,  or a meeting note - and to copy that note each time you need to create another note in the same format.  There may be some options on the web if you search for them...  https://evernote.com/templates

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19 hours ago, Skywoolf said:

Evernote seems to do everything I want except my highest priority which is a simple journal.  Just a blank page for each day with the date is all I need?  

I use Evernote to store my Daily Journal notes1795045122_ScreenShot2020-01-27at10_38_02AM.png.09903f6af2eef6c557aa6368457ef3b6.png
Description here

  • A separate note each day        1769653233_ScreenShot2020-01-27at10_39_50AM.png.b83cd40b5171475257edd88b58d371fa.png
  • Generated each morning by a script on my Mac from a template
    Script updates key information like date
  • Can include attachments like images
  • Can include handwriting as an attachment
  • I use multiple notes if extended detail is being entered for an activity
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Evernote featured a "My Journal" function or feature that did just what you described: open up with a blank page with a date for an entry.  all notes were kept by date.  I used it till it got "dropped" and I even lost all my notes after support ended and new version wiped it out.  SAD.  I want it BACK. 

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