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Enable Single library or stack Tags classification



It would be very interesting if you  create a functionality that provide single library / stack tags classification  .

I use tags to classificate notes within a stack or library, but these tags are not useful  in another stacks or libraries.

it would be very useful that when the form text for filtering by tag, it would list only enabled tags for this library or stack.

I use it for languages specially



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Um I would LOVE to see this feature. Currently, I have been naming the tags I use to classify notes within a single notebook/stack with this format:

[notebook/stack name]-[tag]

However, I find this tends to make my tag list look rather messy, and makes scrolling through the list of tags I can choose from on the mobile client much more of a pain than it needs to be. I've tried using more notebooks to separate my content; however, I again ran into the issue of a rather lengthy list of choices to scroll through when choosing where to save a note, particularly on a mobile device.

I've also tried using nesting tags, but found these were only useful if I was using the desktop client, which I rarely do. Having the ability to designate tags to be notebook and/or stack specific would be sublime... particularly if the mobile web clipper would then hide those tags unless I had selected a new note's destination to be in that notebook/stack. Also, it would be helpful to have those tags listed at the top of the note list when viewing only notes from that notebook/stack, for filtering purposes.

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