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Reminders from Web App



I use Evernote reminders on my phone and in the Windows Desktop App. However, if I am creating notes by capturing them from the browser, then they open in the Web App. It ought to be possible to add a reminder to a note being worked in the Web App. It seems so unnecessary to have to go to the Desktop App, hit Sync, find the note, and then add a reminder.


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24 minutes ago, SteveM51 said:

It ought to be possible to add a reminder to a note being worked in the Web App.

You're using the "New" web version which is missing features like reminders     
You could switch to the "Previous" version


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Thank you very much for the tip. I have switched back and can now set reminders.

I can't understand how or why Evernote would drop such an important feature. Although I really like Evernote, it's not my favourite note taking app, but I still use it often and the two features that make me do so are reminders plus the fact that web searches also show relevant entries from my notes.

Thanks again.

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Glad it works now for you.

EN did not drop this feature. The „new“ web client is the way EN picked to bring new features (especially the editor) to the users. However, it is not fully integrated yet. Thus the choice of clients - the classical one is still there, lacking the new features, but running all existing ones. Sometimes hard to understand why things are working in one and not the other. When they roll it out, integration will be complete.

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Thanks again for that insight. As a software developer myself I can now understand that approach, although, even as Product Manager for a world leading telecomms product, we never took that approach as customers are often very critical and assume, like I did, that what you see is the entirety of the new version.

What I do think is quite clever is that when you switch back to the old version they ask your opinion as to why you are switching back - so then they get to know which of the features are actually being used - that's quite useful intel.

Thanks again.


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