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Starting over in Evernote, moving multiple notes


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Hey, all:

I'm returning to Evernote after a number of years away, and I'd like to start with a fairly clean slate. However, I'd like to keep the notes (probably a couple of hundred of them) that I created way back when. My thought was to create an "Archive" notebook and move all the old notes there. However, I can't find a way to move multiple notes to a new folder at once -- there are instructions on the web, but using control doesn't seem to highlight multiple notes. Any suggestions? THanks!

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You could create a Table-of-content-note with all titles of the old notes you have. Each line is one of the notes, and the title can be clicked on to be taken directly to this note. It may be nostalgic, but it makes it easier to return to this stock of memories once it is buried under all the new stuff that you will create on top of it.

This can be done by using one of the desktop clients as well.

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