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Extracting Business Card details

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I have a client who uses Evernote for Business (as do I) and has scanned several thousand business cards into Evernote.

I now need to download these contacts - ideally into a CSV file - so that I can import them into the HubSpot CRM so they can become actionable.

I've spoken to the Evernote support and they've said the only way to download the business cards is to select all the notes and then save - but this saves them as individual PNG image files, which are practically useless.

Is there a hack to get around this? I don't mind if I need to use an IFTTT command, or export and then convert the file - I just need to be able to extract the data from the cards themselves.

Evernote prides itself on having an leading image-to-text recognition engine, so I'm amazed this isn't a standard feature.

Any help much appreciated. 

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No idea how to do this directly in Evernote. There seem to be export options, however I have not used them myself.

Possible workaround: On a desktop client multiple notes can be selected and the attachments downloaded to a folder. If these are pictures, import them into the camera roll on a Mac / iCloud. I use the app CamCard to organize my business cards. It can be served from the camera roll by the share function with pictures of business cards, will OCR them and sort the content into the fields of a contact. This works pretty good, but because a single character off can ruin your day it should be controlled and corrected before passing the information on.

As a standard the contacts are exported to the contact app of iOS. If the Premium version is used, the export can go as well to Outlook, salesforce and other services.

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Just spoke with Evernote and they confirm that essentially a user can use their scan business card feature, but the best it offers is to save the individual contact to Contacts. I've expressed a request to automatically tag any file saved as Business Card so that it can then be used to filter files and exported to a csv. At this time there is no way to get the contacts out to a CRM.

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