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Should be able to tab around in Windows 10 version

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12 hours ago, Ken Campbell said:

Open a New note. Cursor is in the body of the note. You can't tab to the title. In fact, you can't tab anywhere. 

Correct. In the body of the note, your in the note editor, and Tab has special meaning in the note editor, mush like other test editors. If you're just editing normal text, the Yab key inserts ffour spaces. If you're in a list (bulleted, numbered), then Tab indents the current item (and Shift+Tab dedents it). And if you're in a table, Tab generally moves to the next table cell.

To jump from the note editor to the title field, use F2. And if you prefer to start a new note in the title area, use the setting Tools / Options / Note --> "Set new note focus to title"

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It seems you are concerned about keyboard navigation.  Here is a brief list of how certain keys behave in Evernote, for navigation purposes, which I have collected from the forums:

  • F2 changes the focus to the title, from the body, tags, Note List, or Search Notes, and also from anywhere in the left panel if pressed twice.
  • F3 changes the focus to the tags, from title, body, Note list, Search Notes, or left panel.
  • Tab will move the focus forwards from the Left Panel to Search Notes, Note List, Title, ending at the Body.
  • Shift tab will cycle back between Title, Note List, Search Notes, Left Panel, and back to the Title, in a loop.


I hope this is of some help.

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