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HOW TO SHARE a NOTE to Evernote DevTeam ? Make Feedback easier



Beta tester request:  How to send a screen shot to Evernote Dev Team from within Evernote?

Possible ways:

1. Can you provide an email address - where I can directly send you a note from Evernote ?   

 - i.e. - select note, " SHARE to evernoteideateam@evernote.com " 


2. A link on 'right click' note - to 'send note to Evernote Suggestion Team' - this is a BETA - so this functionality can be removed after beta testing is concluded.


3. an added applet or plug-in - or script - that adds a 'send us a note' within Evernote - 

4. a button - that says 'email us your suggestion ' and the ability to link a note - or share a note to Evernote team (without having to disclose the email address itself...) 


Reasoning - Further thoughts on this suggestion: 

Seems like notes and screenshots might actually be very helpful for the dev teams to visualize.  This is one of the main features we love about this product, right?  To save, append, and share ?  Hope you have an email you can send me for these ideas - vs. me logging into here, and having to spend the time duplicating what I have already saved in Evernote... Feedback and ideas might flow easier for this type of user/beta tester.  Coming to this particular website - and logging in and going through forum lists is not very efficient considering your own product has functionality to assist in this better.

If an alternative method of sending feedback is not introduced, inside of your own product, I will uninstall beta and keep my thoughts to myself.  I'm sure there are others that have the same thoughts and ideas as I do and will take the time to send via this cumbersome 'login to our site and type your feedback' and ' oh btw - save image files to a .jpg (outside of Evernote) and then attach them and send to us' ... if this forum is the only way to communicate to the Evernote "Dev/Idea/Features/Issues" Teams, then they are not particularly giving incentive to Beta testers.  Beta testers WANT to give feedback, so make it easier for them to do so - from within your own product.

Interested in your thoughts... maybe this issue has been addressed somewhere else on your forum and I'm a chicken with my head cut off and don't know it yet :)

Also - I tried to send you a screen shot I took in Evernote (listed on this page: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-general-feature-requests/?do=add- and it wouldn't let me send you the URL - it 'went red' - Error - ... come on that's ridiculous!

I had to go grab them from evernote - click on the top "..." of the note to Open, then Save As Image - just doubleclicking on it gave me the option to save as .HTML ONLY - wha?



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