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Notebook - Want to add Columns for each 'type of note'



Windows 10 -

Chrome browser -

What I'm doing:  Notebook sorting and organizing... 

What I'd like to do - is see what 'type' of note is saved... without having to open them individually.


In other words:  Notebook - Want to add Columns for each 'type of note' 

1. When I'm sorting out Notebooks (in Google Browser) - I'd like the option to have a title bar -column selection,  so I can see what type of notes are added (links, youtubes, articles, etc) - as it currently is - I cannot see what type of note it is - I might be tempted to create subnotebooks for each type of note, videos, links, youtubes, articles, etc.

I love this product! 

PS - ALSO - why don't you have an email - where I can directly send you a note from Evernote ?   

 - i.e. - select note, " SHARE to evernoteideateam@evernote.com " 

Premiere Membership 


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