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Entire notebook disappears

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Was on chrome doing administrative chores, since you can not do them on desktop.  I unpublished some notebooks and removed a user.  Suddenly my main notebook in which I keep all my current order info in is gone.  I did a chat but the rep said there is no activity log when using the web.  She next wanted to know if they were gone off all my devices, and they are except for one tablet that had not been connected for 12 days.  She said to go in there and copy and paste the notes, however, there was no info, just note titles.

As of now there is nothing else of which I can think to fix this issue.  I have been moved to level 2 support, but who knows when they will get to me.

None of the notes in that notebook were in the trash.

Anyone else have this issue with possible solution?



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Hi.  Sorry to hear your issue - I'm not a Business user,  so no useful suggestions,  but did you get a ticket number or a reference for your chat with Support?  AFAIK there aren't many users here who would have the knowledge to help you either (I'll be pleased to be proven wrong!) but I can escalate this to the Forum Admins who might be able to nudge your case along internally...  If you can post anything here I'll pass it on...

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You have been copied on Ticket # 3007535

This is my ticket number. 

Do to a fluke of losing my phone, having the battery die, and return to me today, I had all the notes in offline mode on the phone.  I charged up the phone, put it in airplane mode and copied all the notes into a new notebook.  So far this was the only thing that saved my but.  I just lose about 12 days of work.

As soon as I synced the old notebook was also gone off my phone.



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@rltidd27 Thank you for reaching out, and I'm sorry to hear you're encountering trouble.

I was able to locate the support ticket you mentioned, and I've expedited the priority on it so you should hear back from someone very soon.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly via DM if you have any other questions in the interim, or if you don't hear from someone by tomorrow.

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20 hours ago, Carolina Joy said:

I had five chapters of a book simply vanish.  I put in a support ticket.  It has been three days.  No help or support so far from Evernote staff.

Hi.  This is a thread about Evernote Business which has its own complications.  Do you have a standard Premium account?  

If you didn't get a ticket number for your issue,  then Evernote have not received it.  If you did get a ticket number,  then 1) technically you have had a response from support and 2) Virus Pandemic / Holiday Weekend - I'm sure they'll get back to you in a day or so.  If you still don't have a follow-up,  please post your ticket number here and we'll try to help out.

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18 hours ago, admin@roto.life said:

I also had my account completely vanish. My personal account is still there but my business account (that I was using the trial for) just vanished.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get my files back?

Hi.  What exactly happens when you try to log into your business account?  Evernote doesn't arbitrarily delete accounts.  

We're a -mainly- user-supported Forum. We can offer information and suggestions from our collective experience, but you really need to reach out to Evernote support.

That's available via the website (for subscribers), on Twitter @EvernoteHelps (for everyone) and via the Facebook community. 


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