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Why evernote doesn't save the sketch I created?

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I created a sketch on my iPad Pro and inserted it into a note by right click 'insert from iPhone or iPad'. But if I close the note and reopen it (not close the app), the sketches are gone and there is only an icon like this. Is there anybody know what's going on?



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The exact same thing happened to me last evening. I made a complete sketch, and when I hit save., I got a message “saving“ they continued for more than 30 minutes and then the sketch disappeared. Obviously, this is a huge bug that needs to be addressed.

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Did you issue a support ticket ? Best is right away after it happened, because then there will probably be traces of what happened in the activity log file you can attach to the ticket.

The forum is maybe a nice place to dump information, but not to get bugs fixed.

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Tell us: Did you really sketch for an hour on a Mac (and probably not in the old, discontinued client) ? That's where you posted, and you don't provide any other information.

In general: Sketch is made for this, a Sketch. If you use it for an extended period of time you should be aware that as long as it was not closed (and by this saved into the note), it only lives in the RAM memory of your device. When (for example) you have a Sketch that uses a lot of RAM, and you switch apps in between, it may be iOS detects it is running out of RAM, and decides to close some sections.

In such a case your Sketch can get lost. If you would have exited it to the note, it would have saved into the app memory, which would have protected it. Best protection is when the note had time to sync with the cloud server.

If you want to draw, I would rather use a software that is build for it. As an iOS example I would use Freeform, that is part of the software delivered with every iOS device. Import the board into a note when done.

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Ah, I didn't notice the Mac part. I was using my iPad.

It's not saving my sketches consistently, regardless of whether I'm spending an hour or 5 minutes in a sketch. It only saves it the second time I get into it. So I have to do the same work twice. This has never happened before and started happening a few days ago.

I'm doing handwritten notes not drawings.

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Never had a problem with a Sketch not saving when I left it, going back to a note.

But I really only use it for that quick drawing.

It sucks for handwriting. For this I prefer GoodNotes.

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When something broke in the past, it would come up with a message saying "recover notes?" in which case you would press yes and you would get your data. Now I just lose all my work. Happens consistently now.

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The mobile client saves only when a function like sketch or audio is ended, returned to the holding note, and then this note is closed.

At this moment it saves to local storage.

Really saved it is once it has synced with the server.

A workaround if syncing does not happen can be to export the note. On mobile only individual notes can be exported (3 dots - note information - export note).

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