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Evernote for trading?

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Evernote is a tool for the storage and organization of your trading notes/documents

For the actual trading activity, I would take the data to a spreadsheet.
I'd like to see charting, graphs, and other analysis

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I agree, you can store all your information on Evernote, but for trading you should use another app or platform. As far as I know, you can find a lot of great apps and platforms designed for trading, and I can advise you a great trading platform where I use to trade for a very long time. You can go to https://www.investous.com/ and you will find the best trading platform with a big variety of trading assets, such as Forex ,Stocks,Indices and Commodities, so you can choose. More than that you can trade on Investous platform using the MT4 trading app on your smartphone, so you will have from where to choose. I hope I gave you a good answer, at least I tried

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I don't think that you will find something useful about trading on Evernote, this is not a trading platform. As far as I know, you can find a lot of other internet sources where you will be able to trade

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