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Tighten up security



Hello guys. You developed a good product for notes. Evernote is very easy and handy to use. One thing that bothers me and stops me on investing money on this product is that I don't like the security of the application. I already saw some good ideas about adding passwords for notebooks which is awesome but I think it is missing some general thing - two-factor authentication. That is something widely used on mostly every successful product and I think Evernote should apply this as well.

Other thing that I am thinking is having sessions that could be ended at any time from a trusted device and also implementing a simple login mechanism(a PIN), so when your session ends you can log back in fast and sessions could be customizable by users. You are doing great guys. Keep the good work! 

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2FA exists, for all accounts.

- For all accounts the option is 2FA with codes send to a phone number as text message.

- For paid accounts there is the additional option to use an Authenticator app (not only Google Authenticator, others as well).

Other security features (partly again for paid accounts as well - BASIC accounts are somewhat restricted, because the guys at EN need to put something into their fridges as well):

- Create local notebooks that will not sync to the server a any time

- Encrypt parts of a note (not the full note, not a full notebook, which would be nice if possible)

- Install a Passcode (PIN) for the app on mobile devices, needed to log in after leaving the app

and for all a very secure, well protected cloud storage. EN complies with the very strict European data privacy laws, which many American companies do not achieve.

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