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(Archived) How do I upload to EVERNOTE?

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By my question, you can tell a newcomer . . . Sorry.

The whole point of joining EN was to help with a problem with work which requires to scan in document and upload them to EN. I then plan to sort/search easily with the EN search engine. However, I cannot figure out how to upload.

Someone please help me. :)

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. . . requires to scan in document and upload them to EN. . .

The simplest solution from a workflow perspective may be to set the EN Import folder to the folder that you scan your documents into.

EN will then automatically import these scanned docs into EN.

See Tools > Import Folders to setup the import folder.

See Help > Online Help > User Manual for more details.

You can also search this forum for "import folder"


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The short answer is to create note for each scan in the Evernote client and then hit the Synch button.

Slightly longer answer: as noted above you can drag files and images (such as scans) directly into EN to create new notes. You can set EN to monitor folders and auto-import anything from that folder into notes. One way or another you can create notes of your scans. Then hit the Synch button and they will be uploaded to the EN servers.

(You can have more than one import folder by the way.)

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